Sherri Schultz

I am an Expert in the Art of Transitions

I help people with their mental, emotional, and financial state of being as one transitions to the next stage in their lives. Most any move one makes is propelled by a life transition. One
could simply be a first time buyer ready to invest in themselves; be a newly married couple; a separation or a divorce is filed; the birth of a new baby causes a need for more space; accumulation of 401k funds sparks the thought of investing in real property assets; an elderly family member needs to move-in; kids go to college; a passing occurs; the fact is, absolutely everything is caused by a transition.

Which transition sounds like you?

My goal is to prepare each client to their specific situation by setting the proper expectations right upfront. My intention is to work in the quality of the moment, not with a quantity of clients. When we work together, you will not feel like a number, you will be treated like family. I make a point to be easily accessible, and even though I have a team, you will work with me throughout each stage of the process. I have been involved in 100 s of transactions during 23 years of service and have encountered most every kind of life changing situation. I can compassionately place you on a path that meets your mental, emotional, and financial position without you feeling pressured to perform. I will always work on your timeline.

(303) 476-1982 Cell
(303) 682-9299 Office

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