Garry and Legacy did a wonderful job! Garry was willing to work with our schedule and stuck with us through all the ups and downs. As first time home buyers, Garry and Legacy walked us through each step and gladly explained the process. All our questions were answered and Garry really helped to advise us on issues we knew nothing about. Garry was prompt, and scheduled our showings quickly. We really appreciate everything Garry and Legacy Real Estate did for us!

We really knew nothing coming into this whole process and Garry was able to answer each question we had. He was willing to really look into places and do whatever we asked. He helped us work thorough issues with different lenders and was very knowledgeable about each process, he was open and honest with us.

I felt Garry was very professional, he knew the industry very well and I have no complaints!

I would definitely recommend Garry. He was recommended to us and I am happy we were able to work with him.

Garry helped by convincing me early on that he was as dedicated as I was toward resolving whatever issues came up. He made my problems his own and worked with me until they were resolved. I experience this attitude/ethic very rarely and am always thankful to see that it's still out there. Garry knew I had more on my hands than I could handle alone and his availability and consistency in problem solving went far in reducing the stress that I was under. I never had a doubt regarding any aspect of his performance. I haven't dealt with many realtors but I have been in a situation where the Realtor was as much a stress to me as were other elements of the selling process. Quite the reverse, here.

I could always count on a quick reply from Garry &/or Jennifer to my emails and phone calls, and always in a courteous, enthusiastic and helpful manner. Without exception, every task they undertook, whether at my request or their volunteering, was carried out promptly and properly. Garry sensed the times I was at a loss and knew when to step in to help or to carry the ball himself. Very good to work with.

It was good working with you. I appreciate the hard work and the many times you and Jennifer had answers for me, and your attention to getting things done promptly and properly.

Garry and the entire staff of Legacy Real Estate Group were fantastic to work with. I consider them miracle workers as I had a sale and a buy at the same time and everything was lined up just perfectly. Everyone I spoke with in the office was friendly and extremely helpful and when I would call with even the dumbest question they treated me very professionally.  Garry listened to what I wanted in a house and didn't try to push me towards a specific thing that he "thought" I would like or try to push me higher then I wanted to go price wise. He worked very hard to help me find exactly the house I was looking for at a price I was comfortable with. Also, Garry and his entire staff were readily available whenever I had a question. On the few occasions that I needed to leave a message, someone in the office called me back right away. Never once did I have to call them a second time for an issue or question.

Garry was extremely patient and understanding. He always showed us the homes we wanted to see and gave us in-depth information regarding the house and property. We were never made to feel rushed during a showing or afterwards for our decisions. Garry was very good about returning phone calls and emails. We sincerely felt everyone at Legacy Real Estate Group had our best interest in mind. Professionalism was always applied, whether it was in person, on the phone, in a message left or an email sent. The information provided regarding properties we were interested in was beyond that which was expected and sincerely appreciated.

He was friendly and was willing to show us very low priced homes for our set budget, still taking the time for us as customers. Marketing-the photos of the house were exceptional. Garry was also always available to answer any questions we had.

Garry was very professional and helpful. He also marketed the house very well-we feel it's one of the reasons it sold so quickly.

Everyone was great! Very helpful! I mostly appreciated the understanding and willingness to guide me through the process.  

I most appreciated the negotiation suggestions and the overall assessment of how my property would most likely sell in today's market based on my location.

Garry and his team were organized, thorough, on top of things,to the point and communicated through the process

Most appreciated Garry’s professionalism and matter of fact to the point manor of communication.

Thank you for ALL your SUPPORT and EVERYTHING you and your team did for our recent home closing!  AWESOME TEAM!  ...GREATLY APPRECIATED!  

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